Health Department

Ruth Obaikol 2Contact person:  Dr. Ruth Obaikol, M.D.,

The Health Department exists to promote a healthy Church through Christ-Centred and innovative medical and developmental interventions.  Its mission is to demonstrate Christ’s love through the provision of improved health services.

Church of Uganda hospitals and health clinics, together with our Roman Catholic counterparts, provide more than half the medical care offered in Uganda.

Currently, the Church of Uganda operates 256 health clinics and six hospitals throughout the country.  Because the church’s structures reach to the grassroots level in the country, the Church of Uganda has been able to provide health services to people that the Government has not been able to reach.

The Health Department uses two approaches to achieve its mission.

1.    Strengthening the 256 Church of Uganda Health Clinics and six Hospitals.
The Health Department works collaboratively with the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) and Diocesan Health Coordinators to support the medical services provided to the communities through its extensive network of Health Centres and Hospitals. The health facilities are also supported with drugs and capacity-building training for the staff.

2.    Expanding and upgrading local congregational involvement through community-based health care.
The Health Department offers church-based training in good hygiene and sanitation. It promotes church-based care to individuals, families and communities through psycho-social support, counseling, and home-based care for families affected by HIV/AIDS.  Church leaders are also trained in various aspects of HIV prevention and care as well as fighting stigma and discrimination.

The Health Department’s ministry is funded by the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), USAID, and the Uganda AIDS Commission.  Some dioceses are also supported by local and international NGOs, the Government of Uganda through their local District Health Offices, international church partners, and well-wishers.

Community Health Empowerment (CHE)
is a separate ministry whose focus is holistic transformation of individuals and communities and training of trainers on community health issues.  CHE’s roots are found in the progamme of Medical Ambassadors.  Contact persons:  Rev. Canon Chris Palacas and Rev. Jane Palacas

Links to some of our Hospitals and Health Centres:

Mengo Hospital, Namirembe, Kampala – The place where health ministry began in Uganda and in the Church of Uganda!

Rugarama Hospital, Kigezi Diocese

Kumi Hospital, Kumi Diocese

Kagando Hospital, Kasese, South Rwenzori Diocese