Provincial Assembly

????????????????????????????????????The Church of Uganda is comprised of 34 dioceses and is governed by the Provincial Assembly, which meets every two years.

The Provincial Assembly is a legislative body consisting of a House of Laity, a House of Clergy, and a House of Bishops, with each diocese sending representatives to each House.  In between full meetings of the Provincial Assembly, the Provincial Assembly Standing Committee meets and provides governance and accountability to the Provincial Assembly.

The programme and mission of the Church of Uganda are overseen by the Boards of five Departments:  Mission, Education, Health, Planning and Development, and Finance.


The day-to-day affairs of the church’s programme and mission are overseen by the Archbishop, his bishops acting through their local dioceses, and the Provincial Secretariat.

The Provincial Secretariat is administered by the Provincial Secretary who oversees a staff of more than 70 people working through the five departments of the church to empower the entire church – local and national – to fulfill its mission.