How to Become a Great Commission Church

Discipleship Process diagramJust as the Education Department focuses on schools, and the Health Department focuses on Health Centres, so the Mission Department focuses its efforts on the local congregation. Rev. Canon Capt. Titus Baraka, Provincial Coordinator for Mission and Evangelism, said, “The local church is THE primary place where the vast majority of Christians live out their daily life as disciples of Jesus.”

The process of becoming and living as a disciple of Jesus is life-long and dynamic. At the same time, there are key steps that can be identified in that process, and they are captured in this diagram. Sometimes, the sequence can be varied; very often, the cycle is repeated multiple times in a person’s life, causing him or her to go deeper each time.

Every local congregation must develop a process by which the people in their community can step into this circle – adults, men, women, youth, and even children!

“The role of the Mission Department,” said Canon Baraka, “is to provide this framework for evangelism, discipleship, and mission; and, to further suggest resources available to the local church to encourage people to move through the various stages. If each congregation selects one or more approaches from each stage in the circle, then it will have made tremendous progress in advancing the mission of the Church.”

“I have the passion to use this Biblical approach,” he said, “for it is a Christ-Centered, Kingdom proclamation focus rather than Ecclesiastical system maintenance focus.”