Year of the Family Prayer Diary, June – August 2017



Mother’s Union Year of the Family Prayer Diary, June – August 2017

Theme: Strengthen the Family; Build the Nation –

“Families of the Nation Return to the Lord” – Psalm 22:27


Monthly Theme:                        Identifying Generational Bondages

Week one (1st – 10th):                  Spiritual Mapping of the Family Tree

Scripture:                                  Matthew 1:1-17 (The Genealogy of Jesus)

It is important to know your roots so trace where you come from; your great grand parents, grandparents; what they did; their occupation and influence in their community.

Compare it all through generation to where you are.


 Week Two (11th – 17th):               Positive Effects through Generations

Scripture:                                  1Tim 1:1-5, 18, 2Tim 1:1-7

When you look through the lineage of Jesus, most of them were shepherds.

Prayerfully identify the common positive traits that run through your family and how they can help you build a stronger family.

Week three (18th – 24th):           Family and Generational Strongholds

Scripture:                                  Genesis 20, 26 and Joshua 7

Identify any negative traits that could have had a grip on your family through generations and commit them to God in prayer as you allow Him show you how to stop them.

Week four (25th – 30th):              Breaking Generational Bondages

Scriptures:                                 Jeremiah 50:25 – ff and Matthew 18:18

In the above scriptures, we see God opening up his arsenal to defeat the Chaldeans and all those who oppressed Israel. Pray that God will do the same for you.

Take time to think about the generational bondages in your family then ask God to use His weaponry to break them and make you free.

God desires that you become free so hold unto him because He alone can break those bondages in your life and family.

You can use the prayer below:

Heavenly Father, I place my life and family into thy hands that you break every generational curse upon our lives. Give us freedom to serve you as a family in Jesus’ Name. Amen



Monthly Theme:                       Enhancing Transformation in a Family Line

Week one (1st – 8th):                             Personal Renewal in Marriage and Family Life

Scripture:                                  1Timothy 3:1-7

Individual family members should use this week to seek God and renew their personal walk with Him.

Couples also need to take time to reflect on their walk with Christ. An individual’s personal relationship with God is the foundation of transformation in the family.


Week two (9th – 15th):                 Reinforcing the Family Prayer Altar

Scriptures:                                Joshua 24:14-25 and 2Chronicles 7:14

Joshua as the leader of the bigger family of the Israelites challenged them to decide who they should follow and serve. He also counseled to fear God and serve him in sincerity and truth by putting away the gods of their fathers. As a family make practical commitments to ensure there is an effective prayer altar in your home. Remember a family that prays together sticks together.

Week three (16th – 22nd):                      Family Discipleship

Scriptures:                                          Prov. 1, 2 Tim. 2:1-2, Gen. 47:3, Matt. 28:19

In the book of proverbs chapter 1, we see the father teaching and training his son on the path to take; what to avoid and what to treasure.

Fathers as the family heads have a responsibility to teach and train their sons who are the future family heads; the path to walk, things to avoid and those to treasure.

Parents have a duty to train, teach and advise their children on the way to go drawing on scriptural teaching and their life experience.

Families should note that transformation can only take place when children are deliberately trained in the way they should go according to God’s word in other words deliberately making time to read and study the bible with their children.

Week 4 (23rd – 31st):                    The Place of Scripture in the Family.

Scriptures:                                2 Timothy 3:16, Proverbs 2:1 – ff, John 17:17

Scripture provides the foundation in which families can be rooted in order to stand the storms of life.

The scriptures help in building, rebuking and admonishing members in the way of God.

Take time as a family to reflect on the fact that scripture sanctifies the family.

Qn: Can you as a family take up a challenge of studying and discussing a verse of chapter of the bible every week.



Monthly Theme:                       Relationships, Peace and Justice

Week one (1st – 5th):                             Nurturing love in a family setting

Scripture:                                  1 John 4:7 – 21, 1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8

God is love; the family should take time to reflect on this fact and remember that God desires that we love one another just like he loves us.

Have a family discussion about what love is and decide on acts of Love to practice as a family.


Week two (6th – 12th):                 Forgiveness in the Family

Scriptures:                                 Matthew 18:21 – 35, 2 Corinthians 5:18 – 21

God desires that we reconcile with Him and with each other. As a family consider the facts below:

We must forgive because it is a command from God

We must forgive just like God has forgiven us

Forgiveness sets us free

Forgiveness is at the heart of God.


Week three (13th – 19th):             Unity in Diversity

Scripture:                                  Romans 12:4 – 21

We coexist with our differences

We grow and thrive just like the body which has many parts yet it is one

Family members must take time to appreciate each one’s uniqueness and celebrate this uniqueness.


Week four (20th – 26th):               Celebrating Joy, Fun and Leisure in a Family

Scriptures:                                1 Timothy 6:7, Eccl 3: 13, Prov. 17:22  Eccl. 9:7 – 9

Joy, fun and leisure must have their place in the family because they help the family bond. These are also acts of worship. The family should use these moments to thank God for His goodness towards them.

Family members should take time to celebrate each other

Identify the times your family can celebrate the goodness of the Lord.


Week five (27th – 31st):                Conflicts in the Family

Scriptures:                                John 14:27, 17:21

Identify some root causes and consequences of conflict in families

What could be the solutions to some of these?

Come up with practical ways which you will use as a family to avoid but also deal with conflicts that may arise.