Easter Message – 2005

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is at the heart of the gospel message we Christians proclaim.  As Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, I have no other message to proclaim this Easter Season except that of Christ crucified and risen.  The resurrection of Jesus is our only hope as a country full of conflicts and doubts.  Because Jesus Christ was victorious over sin and death, we too have hope that we can be victorious over sin and death.  Death and sin surround the world today and Uganda is not isolated.  Uganda is a country full of uncertainties, hatred, corruption, sectarianism, disease, poverty, etc.

The message of encouragement I have for Ugandans this Easter is the power that raised Jesus from the dead.  This power is available to us today to raise us up out of poverty, corruption, enslavement, sickness, sectarianism, and tribalism.  The power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to raise us out of risky behaviour that leads to HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, and out of war.

The present Church in Uganda should be practical and prophetic in addition to being pious and pastoral.  Because of the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, the Church in Uganda should be a Church not simply concerned with the soul but a Church that anoints (saves) the feet as well.  The Church in Africa has so much been a pious and pastoral Church, but if she has to take her moral obligation to fight poverty, corruption, insecurity, indecent exposure seriously she also needs to be a prophetic and practical Church by preaching a salvation that makes a difference in people’s living conditions here and now.

If it was not for the resurrection of Jesus, we would have no hope in overcoming these challenges we face in our daily lives as Ugandans.  Ugandans arise and shine this Easter season for Christ has risen for you to shine.

The Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi

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