Message to the Church of Uganda August 2010

AUGUST 27, 2010





Greetings in our Lord’s Precious name!

At the close of the just concluded Provincial Assembly (18th-21st August 2010), I was led of the Lord to declare September 2010, the Provincial month of Prayer. The immediate response of the members was a positive confirmation that it was a God directed declaration. A full Extract of that declaration is enclosed for you. (ARCHBISHOPS CLOSING REMARKS To the 20th Provincial Assembly Uganda Christian University, 20th August 2010) I now write this as we conclude the All Africa Bishops Conference. What a tremendous week it has been. More than 400 Bishops and other invited participants from all over Africa have been in Imperial Beach Resort Hotel in Entebbe from 23rd – 30th August 2010.

The Lord has met with us and this conference has made it even clearer that as we end it, our province needs to transition into a prayer month.  Specifically I would like to give you an extract from a message the Bishops were given at the end of Holy Communion on Friday 27th August 2010.

The Lord said to us:

‘’ I am in the process of birthing a new Church in Africa, a new priesthood. I am in the process of birthing evangelists, am in the process of birthing new shepherds who will shepherd the flock in righteousness and truth. Those who open their hearts for this birthing in this conference will go away as new born. They will carry my message and the new birth will begin to happen through them in their Provinces and Dioceses.’’

Would you not agree that we need this new birth in our Provinces and Dioceses? Will you not agree that we need to pray in the month of September and bring to birth this new thing through our corporate prayers? The message continued:

‘’ I will forgive and I will return to you in this new birth. Your power is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ the gift that comes from the Father. I have left my spirit in the Church. Why are you walking without power? Why are you looking for an alternative power? I have given you the power the Holy Spirit!’’

May I now urge you to organize yourselves in this month of September and pray. As I mentioned in my concluding remarks at the Provincial Assembly, pray in the Churches, pray in the offices, places of businesses, homes etc.

Indeed as the scripture has said, ‘’pray without ceasing’’ 1st Thessalonians 5:17

What more can I say? The Spirit of God has visited us. Let us respond and pray. The province would love to give you a timetable but that would lead us into structures that sometimes slow down the process.

What I would urge you to do is publicize this message to every possible corner of your Diocese and your parishes.  Use every means – Radio, TV, photocopies, words of mouth etc.

Thank you for your positive response. “So now brethren I commend you to God and to the world of his grace  which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. ‘’ Acts 20:32

‘’Pray also for me that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel ….’’ Ephesians 6:19



The Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi


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