The Dawn of a New Era, 16th January 2004

Archbishop Elect Henry Luke Orombi
All Saints Cathedral
Behold the Glory Friday night service
16 January 2004.

“It is a joy to be here this Friday night. Thank you for asking me to speak tonight. I want to greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Opening prayer.

Father we want to thank you for tonight because you
Are the Lord God of who handles the sunshine and the darkness with your hand. We have come because we need to come. We have come because we have a hunger in our hearts we have come to see you tonight, to sit at your feet and listen. To receive and to give. Lord I ask that you put a word in my mouth and that my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters will listen to you and that our faith will be strengthened, and on that faith we will expect you to do great things among us; in our church, in our nation, our continent and in the world that you have created. Amen.


There was a paralysed man at the gate and Jesus asked him ‘Do you want to get well’? He answered, ‘I have no one to help me to get into the pool where the water is. While I’m trying to get in some one else gets in ahead of me’. Then Jesus said to him ‘Get up, pick up your mat and walk’. At once the man was cured and got up and walked. The day on which this took place was a Sabbath and so the Jews said to the man who had been healed, ‘It is a Sabbath, the law forbids you to carry your mat’ but he replied ‘the man who made me well said to me to pick up my mat and walk’, so they asked him ‘who is this fellow who told you to pick up your mat and walk?’ The man who was healed had no idea who it was for Jesus had slipped away into the crowd that was there. Later Jesus found him at the temple and told him ‘see now that you are well stop sinning or something worse will happen to you’. The man went away and told the Jews it was Jesus who had made him well.

Beloved I have a message for you, and the message has been on my heart for a while. When I was asked to speak to you, I asked the Lord, what I should say to my brothers and sisters, and He gave me this message. The message is actually on the theme ‘The Dawn of a New Era is upon us.’ The coming of the new times is upon us and the new times are now for the generation of now that God is purposing in his own great wisdom and mind and plan to come and visit us.

Let me go back, to the men at the pool in Bethesda. (Luke chapter ) The pool was by the gate. The pool was not at the temple, the pool was an area where some kind of tiny power of God was manifested. The pool had a visitation by an angel, that came and disturbed the water and then the first person to fall into the water got healed. Now because there was something happening people began to come to the pool. Now let me tell you, ‘the church where nothing happens dispels people, the church where there is a manifestation of the power of God happens attracts people.’

Journalists were asking me many times towards the period of my Enthronment, ‘why are the young people running away from your church? Why are they going to Biwempe churches (pentecostal churches)? Why is the Anglican church emptying its young people?’ I asked if they had gone to All Saints Cathedral where there is an overflow of people. But I am very sad to admit that many of our churches are emptying, because the presence and the power to attract is gone.

Once upon a time there was a presence, a power, a being that attracted people but then we did something to that presence and it is typically what was happening in the temple at Bethesda. There was no longer power in the temple, there was only power at the gate. So the blind, the lame, the paralysed and all kinds of very disabled people were looking for wholeness, for an answer, for the presence of the one who can heal, for he who can give them the comfort they needed, he who can give them a beginning. So they sat there and waited and waited. There was one who was there who had been down for 38 years. He was paralysed but let me tell you something, that man was alive, he was talking, he could listen, I suppose if he was a singer he would sing but that man was lying on a mat. I would like us to reflect; is this the picture of my church? Is our church a talking church, a church that has a lot of committees and boards, synods and all this kind of thing? Because my church talks, it listens, and is alive it does not die because the church of Christ will never die, but my church is paralysed on the mat of poverty. My church has got very serious heavy duty poverty.

My church has lost self esteem, my church is a subject of abuse and embarrassment, my church is ridiculed yet lying by the pool. Now let me tell you something else that is happening; this man having laid there for 38 years becomes well!

How? I suppose, family or friends took him there, but when nothing seemed to be happening they began to leave him one by one. He was alone. There was something else happening too. This man had come to a point where he accepted his position. It was at this point that Jesus came around and asked this man, ‘Do you want to get well’? Now this may seem to be a bit stupid a question to ask a man who has been lying down 38 years helpless, and an invalid.

That’s not a silly question friends, because there are those who believe and accept their condition and it is okay. They call it ‘my backache’ ‘my stomach ache’, they possess those illness and they become theirs. ‘My problems, my difficulties, my essential needs, my parents, my tribe’, they possess curses and make it their own. Who told you they are your own? Who told you the problem or sickness, or curse are yours, they are not. The enemy satan, brings them on you but if you don’t have the power, you then take them on.
The man answered Jesus and said, ‘I have no one to put me in the pool and when I’m trying to get into the pool, some people get ahead of me.’ How can you try when you are paralysed? There was no way, the man could not make it. Jesus said to this man, ‘rise up, pick that mat of poverty, ridicule, embarrassment, loss of self esteem, you’ve been lying on. Now pick it up and put it on your shoulder and take it away and throw it away’. The man got up and without any fear or favour picked his mat put it over his shoulder and walked away. He must have been bouncing a little bit over the ground I think, so full of joy and excitement in his heart. He had never walked for 38 years, imagine just have the feeling, imagine that guy I’m sure the guy was limping, he was jumping, he was stamping his feet, he had never felt it for 38 years.

The Jews had killed the power of God in the temple because of their rules, and the observation of their traditions by elders. They met this man and asked him if he knew that it was the sabbath, and that he should not carry his mat on the sabbath because the rule was that sabbath was a day of rest/no work. The man simply answered that that the man who healed him told him to pick up his mat and go. They asked him which man told him, but he did not know who Jesus was. The point I am making is that this man from the pool at the gate walked straight to the temple where he found Jesus and Jesus said, ‘Now that you are well stop sinning or something worse will happen to you.’

So I say to you, ‘arise church pick up your mat, wake up church the dawn of a new era is upon you.’ We can either seize the opportunity or leave it and let it go by, we can either embrace it or dispel it. We can say come in Lord we need you in our church.

I am going to be enthroned Archbishop of Uganda on January 25 and I am going to tell the whole world that ‘I want to give the Church of Uganda back to God’. It doesn’t belong to me or any Bishop or clergy, the church belongs to Jesus Christ.

There are those of you who want to call yourselves Anglicans from Church of Uganda though with a little bit of unease because they are laughing at you, and others call yourselves Anglicans with courage because you know why you are Anglican. Friends be a Christian first before you are Anglican. Let Anglican be the sort of dress you wear because you choose to wear it.


Let me go now to the words of the prophet Isaiah which are words of great promise that are ours now… .(Isaiah chapter 62)

‘So Arise shine for your light has come, the glory of the Lord rises upon you.’ The light of revelation is upon us today because when God does not reveal anything to anybody you can never perceive the footmarks of God. You can never know that God has just passed through Kampala and gone to Jinja. Nor can you tell that the Lord was in the Cathedral while you were singing and clapping saying loud halleuyahs unless there is a revelation. A revelation is like God opening a curtain that has veiled our faces, and for just a moment giving us a glimpse of who He is.

Some are worshipping God for what they can get out of it, some are in church for some sort of commercialising with God. We ought to worship God for who He is. ‘There eyes will be opened to know the Lord God of the universe, the Holy one of Israel’. Then we shall know God who revealed himself to Abraham, the God who delivered the Israelites from slavery; then we shall know this God who sent His only begotten son to come and deliver us from eternal damnation, then we shall now this God who promised that ‘I am with you until the closing of the age; I Am who I Am and nobody can take my Glory because I am a jealous God they will worship me only and no other’. Never worship creation, the products of your hand. God will open their eyes to know the God of the Anglicans. We want to see the rear end of despair disappear and see God ushering in His greatness upon us and never look back to the dark days behind us or fall back into self pity. We shall stand upright and say ‘the Lord is with us, His spirit is upon us’, the way Isaiah saw it. The Greatness of God will come upon this church and I want to Praise the Lord. This is revelation and its light is upon us and the night of despair is going.


I want to praise the Lord for the many beautiful voices singing praises unto the Lord and ministering to us. I just want to thank God that I am a Ugandan, that I am sitting in a Cathedral next to where our President lives.

The Glory of God

God’s glory is actually the assurance of Gods presence and it is here upon our own church among His people. Gods glory is also the terrifying presence of the God of Isaiah who saw the Lord seated on high with the great voices of the Archangels calling to each other; holy, holy holy is the Lord, heaven and earth are full of his glory and the foundations of the temple tremble like a leaf and he said ‘woe unto me I am finished for I have seen the Lord and I am not a dead man; who am I (Isaiah) that I should be before this God’. I am seeing the time when we shall be before God and fall on our faces in his awesome presence manifesting the terrifying presence of God. This is not something to fear and make us run away, but it is the presence that makes us kneel down and say ‘you are my God and I know no other’. The glory of the Lord is going to be so awesome in the Church of Uganda that it will attract and bring in people who want to know ‘what is that noise, what is happening?’

One journalist asked me and said ‘I’ve been around Uganda and I’m beginning to notice that the Anglicans are beginning to be non Anglican. The way they pray is different from the Anglicans it is more pentecostal’. So I asked him which pentecost, the one of Israel or the denomination? All he could say is that there is something different. My answer is that the Lord God will always bring new things to his church. When the visitation is upon the land it is only a fool who will not receive it. When the Lord is in a country only those who do not care will not welcome Him and say welcome Lord, come sit with us. So what the journalist has observed is typical Anglicans receiving their Lord.

The darkness.

God is saying darkness is covering the earth and thick darkness is over the people of Uganda, you all know this. Ugandan’s have become people who kill and sacrifice children and babies, they are going under Lake Victoria to look for money, Ugandans can now put people in a drum and pour acid on them in it and acid destroys the body of a 15 year old. Ugandan’s can do that. They can now put a gun to your neck and tell you to leave your car. They can take your money from you and you never notice it. They are so good at money laundering that we are now in such a high level of corruption. Darkness has come upon this country that even young people don’t know their culture. They would rather be Americans and yet they belong to specific tribes like Alur, Baganda or Banyankole. They have lost it all and forgotten what they are supposed to be. Darkness has come, we are talking about homosexuality which has even spread to our schools where boys are being gang raped! This has entered our country because of the darkness, and some of the churches are not exempt from this.

Hope through individuals.

But the Lord is saying through Isaiah that He is rising upon Uganda and His glory is appearing to us. Where there is light there is no darkness and where there is darkness there is no light, light and darkness are not bedfellows. The light of the Lord is rising upon this land because God is pin pointing individuals and you are that individual.
The Lord says ‘I am the light’ and then turns to His disciples and says ‘you are the light too’. A city on a hill can not be hidden, neither do men light a lamp and put it under something but they put it up so that it might be seen, so therefore let your light so shine before men that they might see your good works and give glory to your God in heaven.

The Fire.

Now as His light appears over us certain things are bound to happen. When there is a bon fire the little twigs catch fire first and these are like the pentecostal churches. Now the big logs are the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches and they are catching fire too. Did you know that there are charismatic Roman Catholics who are set on fire of the Holy Spirit? They read and understand scriptures, hold overnight prayer meetings. These people are not only attached to Rome they are also attached to the Zion of Heaven. When these big logs start to catch fire, no fire extinguisher will ever put the fire out any more. The missionaries founded our church in 1877, we experienced revival in the 1930s then we were Reawakened then we went back to sleep again . This time we shall continue what the light has began.


I give you the promise in verse 10. ‘Foreigners will rebuild your walls’ because something is happening. These foreigners will be attracted by the light. In 1993 the same message was given to me to the diocese of Nebbi, ‘foreigners will rebuild your walls and their kings will serve you’. I have had foreigners flock to Nebbi through Kampala. People asked them why they go to Nebbi that, haven’t they heard of Kony and his rebel group, and they say they have heard but that they are going to see Bishop Henry. And so they came and went. Let me tell you now, God told me that ‘what He did in Nebbi in a small way He will do in Kampala in a big way’. Amen.

Prayer of Repentance for the church.

The same God who has planned such purposes said to me that ‘I struck your land because you sinned against me’, sayeth the Lord. I therefore repent on behalf of the leadership of the church for exploiting God’s church. I repent for when we took Gods money and did not account for it, for when as leaders we got ourselves sexually involved with our very own Christians. I repent that we have been struggling about leadership, trying to campaign in the church, trying to be a leader popularly elected by man and not by God, forgive us Lord. I repent further that we have looked down upon your people and have not nurtured your church. Many left because they were hungry, Father forgive us Lord. Yes you were just to have struck us. Lord I now receive your forgiveness on behalf of the church.

Gods Response..

‘Your gates will always stand open and will never be shut day or night, because I am going to be sending you great riches and wealth and the gates must be open so that they can come in. I am going to fling open the doors of opportunity for you and they will be open for you.
Poverty vs Giving.

A journalist said to me before my Enthronment; ‘you are going to be the Archbishop soon and your church is poor, yet you went ahead to cut relations with American Episcopalian Church which used to give you a lot of aid.’ In response to that fallacy I said, ‘the church never ran on aid from America and secondly, the church is not poor. It is only those whose hands and hearts are frozen and paralysed that make it appear that way. Part of paralysis we have is that of giving, the hand is so paralysed it can’t go into the pocket, and if you force it there it is so weak it can only pick 50/= fifty shillings and that is the problem with the Church of Uganda. These guys are not poor, they have everything the Lord has given them, but the lord says ‘rise up’ for he is going to give us the power to give. Amen.

Another weakness was we thought we were giving to the Bishop. The Bishops in our church are healthy, and the people mistake the money to be going to him and they look because his wife cooks well. So they say that they are not going to give to the Bishop, Archbishop, nor to the church teacher. Friend you have to learn giving is not to the above leaders, but it should be because you love the Lord. You should say, because Christ is a subject of my love, I want to give because I love Him.

Let me give an example of this woman who walked into a room where Jesus was eating with his disciples and Pharisees. She held a bottle of perfume and walked to Jesus, poured the perfume on his feet and wiped it with her hair while Judas Iscarriot disputed saying the perfume should have been sold and the money given to the poor, but Jesus said ‘the poor will always be there. As they were then so are they now. You ca never get rid of the poor people.’ Look at what she’s giving to Jesus, she’s giving her tears , her hair, perfume, her lips to kiss the feet of Jesus, why? Because she loved Jesus. I want to see believers giving because they love Jesus and they want to give to Jesus.

Another example is when I go abroad and am coming home, I look for an expensive perfume for my wife. I love her so much and when I come home from safari I bring her the very best I can. So I spend money and buy her a perfume and give it to her simply because I love her. It may leave my pocket hollow but I do not count the cost, I want to see the joy on her face when I say ‘Mama Phoebe (that is what I call my wife), I just brought something small for you’. Then she picks the perfume, opens it and picks the right moment and covers herself with it, and that perfume floats around the air!

Likewise we are the aroma of Christ and we want to give because we know who we are giving to and want to give because we know our God and we shall give as a program and the program is such that we are going to be at the forefront and the money for that program is going to be in our pockets because He put it there; how? The earth and all that is in it belongs to the Lord. The world and the people in it belong to our God so you do not have anything friend. The paralysis must go and the moment it does the Church of Uganda is going to rise up.

We shall build the new All Saints Cathedral in Nakasero and we are going to build a Church House in Kampala. Why? Because God who owns silver and gold, God on whose 1,000 hills are cattle, God who has everything He has given that we know and some of it he has concealed, will release the wealth that the Cathedral and the Church House may be built, that our leaders may no longer be ridiculed, that we may walk as princes and princesses as royalty so that we may make a testimony. Now I am not into prosperity gospel, but I am into the fact that our God promises us an about turn in our circumstances because the time is come to rise up.

Proclamations of wisdom.

Let me conclude with the following four points that the Lord is telling the Church of Uganda to embrace in this new dawn that is coming over us.

1.    Holiness: The Lord is calling upon the church which is you and me to pursue holiness. Let us begin our holiness by making a sacrifice. In your bible Romans chapter 12 verse1 tells of how the Apostle Paul said to the Romans; Therefore I urge you brothers and sisters in view of Gods mercy, to offer yourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.’ Friends the time is now that every young person will purpose in his/her heart to live holy; to present this body as a living sacrifice on the alter of God that it might be holy, that it might never be defiled by the various literature we have today and all the junk on the internet, that we are not going to be defiled by what we see around us, that our sentiments are not going to be triggered off because we see a beautiful girl or handsome boy over there, No! We are going to say no to sin We are going to say to Satan that I belong to Jesus and the body He has given me is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I am going to dedicate this body and I want to be Holy to the Lord, I want to be set apart, I want to be used of God, I want my hands to be clean. I do not want my hands to ever touch anything defiling. I want my mouth to be burnt by the coal from the alter, I want my feet to walk where they must go, I am not going to walk where angels fear to go. I want to be all yours, take my body Lord and use it to your glory. Take me Lord and cleanse me. Maybe now I am defiled but let the blood of Jesus Christ wash me again Lord that my heart might be Holy to you, that I might be for you a noble vessel in your house. Present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God. A sacrifice God can smile at. In the book of 2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 8 the Apostle Paul said, ‘Don’t be ashamed to testify about our Lord or ashamed of me his prisoner but join with me in suffering for the gospel by the power of God who saved us and brought us to a holy life. Not because of anything we have done but because of His own purpose and grace, He calls us to a holy life.’ Friends one of the reasons the power of God starts to leave a church is when a church begins to walk in immoral living. When the church loses the cutting edge of its effectiveness, when the church starts to walk in wickedness, and begins to tell lies and they rumour monger and back bite and all manner of filthy speech comes out of their mouth.

Isaiah the prophet said ‘I live among people with unclean lips, Lord have mercy on me’. Live holy friends. In 1 Peter chapter 1 verse 15 again Peter having seen the power and presence of God manifested particularly on the day of pentecost he became a different person, verse 15 reads ‘Just as He who called you is holy you too be holy in all you do’, verse 16 ‘ holy because I am holy’. Be holy friends because our Lord is holy and be holy in all you do. Are you singing a song? Let holiness be your standard, are you preaching, let holiness be your standard, are you giving? Let holiness be your standard. Are you a family member? Oh beloved let holiness be your standard. Be holy in all the things you do. 2 Peter chapter 3 verse11 says ‘Since everything will be destroyed in this way what type of people ought you be? You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and seek its coming.’ (The day of judgment is upon us)..Like paper it will be thrown into fire and it will be gone.’ Now most people say God is joking about judgment day and Peter is a fisherman, he doesn’t know what he is talking about, but this man was anointed of God and says what we ought to be. We ought to be holy. I know there are churches where people praise God and their halleluyah is high pitched but there is so much filth in the church. One young woman came crying to me at one camp meeting, in tears. After she composed herself she told of how her pastor from a pentecostal church tried to rape her after inviting her to his house. A pastor, a man of God?’ and the answer is yes it is possible friends. Filth can come into the church, wickedness can come into the church, but what kind of people ought we to be. We ought to be holy people, a people God can smile at, a people who can honour the Lord by who they are. That is Holiness.

2.    Humility. Friends, humility is an amazing thing. Can I address young people particularly. Some days ago a young man walked into my home office at the palace, well dressed. He then began to talk to me about big things. How he had campaigned for President Museveni and how he wanted the state house to pay his fees, and how he went to the Deputy Prime minister who he found out could not help him. All this was in pursuit of shs.800,000/=. I asked him that supposing he needed salt would he then go to one of the tycoons in Kampala? I told him ‘Man, that is arrogance and what is bothering you is pride. You are trying to talk big to me and what is bothering you is pride. Young man, calm down, let your feet touch the ground, lets talk reality.’ Now the problem is young people walk 2 feet above the ground. We want everybody to see who we are and we are floating around. Well its good to be young but, remember your creator when you are still young and the way to the cross. Success, exhaltation, prosperity are ways of humility. When you humble yourself God exaults you. Promotion does not come from the East or West; the Lord raises one and demotes another. Humility, church, this dawn the age or our church has come let us humble ourselves in prayer, testimony, obedience, to allow God be God in our lives and when you give him that room my friend and when people see God in us they tremble, when they see God in us they are attracted. I don’t attract anybody, I mean who am I to attract anybody, but when God is in me people get attracted, not to Bishop Orombi but to Jesus in me and that attraction is so wonderful because then I can say ‘behold the Lamb of God who takes away all the sin of the world’ and they go to him not to me. I am alimited I am 55 years now, I only have 41 years to go so if you hang on me my friend your investment is short lived. It is our humility that makes us have God increase and we decrease let God be God and me human, be human.

3.    Hard work . Colossians 3:17 ‘And whatever you do whether in word or deed do it all in the name of Jesus giving thanks to God the father through him. Friend when you are a student you want to study in the name of Jesus to honour Jesus. You want to excel because then they can see Jesus … this Mulokole young man, this Mulokole young woman, even they can do it. Balokole they can even make it oh yeah the end result is Jesus is lifted up. In my office, I want to sit in my office and do my work in the name of Jesus. As a business man, I want to have Jesus as my senior partner, I want to do my business with the Lord Jesus Christ. I want my profit to be profit that are worth being called profit on earth and in heaven. I want to show the world that Jesus can also do business the Jesus way through me. Whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of Jesus and when you do it give thanks to the Lord. One new Christian came to this evangelist and said ‘can I go to the night clubs’? The evangelist said, ‘before you go to a night club do you pray? When you go to the dancing hall do you lift your hands in thanks giving to Jesus Christ before you start? No that’s not possible. Well, then why are you going there? Give thanks to the Lord praise the Lord in whatever you are doing. Now sometimes when you are young you want to say should I do this should or should I not do this, this is a very good acid test for you. Whatever you are doing do all in the name of Jesus Christ and give thanks to God.

4.    Honesty: I’m talking about integrity, I’m talking about telling the truth. Honesty in words is so necessary for a Jesus personed character to propel the day which is coming to us, that we speak the truth and we speak only the truth and believers are so good they tell me this, Bishop we are praying for you and we shall continue praying for you and you know they are not actually praying, they are not praying, but Bishop we are praying for you. Do you know what they want me to feel? To feel good. Who are you lying to, to me or to yourself or to God? If you are not praying tell me, Bishop I was thinking very much I should pray but actually I don’t pray for you. Do you think I will be offended? I will actually say you are being truthful. Don’t tell lies because lying is of the nature we have discarded be honest in your words, be honest in your relationship friends. Young people I encourage you to relate because it would be very abnormal is you don’t relate, but relate honestly, relate with respect; boys respect the girls, girls respect the boys. If you are not going to marry that man he is going to be the husband of a woman somewhere if you aren’t going to marry that woman she is going to be the wife of a man somewhere, Respect the integrity of a person. Let our relationship be good, holy, acceptable, full of perfume from heaven, clean and wonderful. No kind of going two by two in dark corners, no kind of spending time loitering around, no kind of trying to impress your peers, what for? I want to impress God, (if I can impress him, if he can ever be impressed) I don’t want to impress a person and so I want to have honesty in my relationship friends. Honesty and integrity in money dealing.
Now Uganda has been known for being one of the classically corrupt nations and the leaders of this corruption are Christians, time has come when we must be honest let us be so honest as to let the world know that when you are given 10,000/= and use 8,000/=, 2,000/= will go back to where it came from. When you are given 10 billion Uganda shillings we use 9 billion, 1 billion will go back where it is supposed to go, we are not going to twist things around and build houses. How can you build a house with blood money? You will never have a calm conscience living in that house. If you rent it out to anybody that money will never help you. If it never helps you it will never help your children either. If you swindle money and buy a car that car may even cause an accident on you because you are driving a blood money car. Corruption is like gangreen eating our society today. Many of us Ugandans are so broken down because the money which would have gone to the public has gone to one particular person who has fled the country. Do they think they can run away from God! Where will you go? Be honest with money. Finally be responsible friends in all that you are doing because you and I will be accountable before God. Be honest and accountable and responsible with your time, use your time to the glory of God. Sometimes people think that time keeping is a western mentality, this is not true. Time keeping is a Christian principle. A believer must be a time keeper, why?, because time is a gift of God and we are stewards of God’s gifts so we will be accountable for our time. Responsibility of our time is paramount. The difference between a Muzungu and a Ugandan is a Muzungu uses his time and uses it constructively.

Ugandan sits with another Ugandan, they can talk for 3,4,5 hours, sometimes over nothing, and at the end of it all what have they achieved? That is irresponsible. Let us begin to find that there can be a difference between a leader who is a Christian in the handling of time. Politicians will tell you we are never late we are only delayed, but the Lord will never take such a flimsy excuse at all. The Lord wants me to be a good steward.

Finally; The Church of Uganda is a church that God called into being in 1877. The Church of Uganda has a history. The Church of Uganda was called to be an out reaching missionary church, The Church of Uganda had a mandate over it. The Church of Uganda had been called to rise up right in the middle of Uganda so that the whole of Africa can see the Church of Uganda. Right in the beginning the Uganda Martyrs were murdered and burnt at the stake to preach a gospel and the gospel was ‘Jesus is more important than life’. Now that was the message given to us and the Church of Uganda went to sleep. Then God came and revived us in the 1930’s, and then God brought a message of ‘Reawakened’. When they woke up for 2 minutes they went back to sleep, they can only wake up and say we are Reawakened and then go back to sleep and then they began to lose the message. Now why are they losing the message; The message not broadcasted is lost. The moment you guard it, you lose it, but if you throw it out, it multiplies. We need to go out, we need to be a people who can reach out to the furthest end of our country and our nation, then our continent.

The challenge

We have a mandate, Church of Uganda, are you going to take God seriously this time? Are we going to say yes to God we want to be responsible for this nation. We want to usher your kingdom in Uganda. We want your will to be done in Uganda as in heaven. We are willing and we are ready. The dawn of a new era is upon us. Church rise up take up your mat and walk. The time is now. We are not going to lie down there and cry over the Pentecostals, that they are abusing us they make fun of us. Friend if you are doing that you are wasting God’s precious time.

The way forward

Rise up and walk, pick that pallet, pick that mat and throw it over your shoulder and discard it where it belongs, it no longer belongs to our church does it. We want to be a free people jumping around, glorifying the Lord but going somewhere…yes, but going somewhere, not just hanging around Kampala here where you here them say ‘its very nice at 9.15, I can come back here at 4 0’clock and have a good time, I love it in All Saints man All Saints is so good’. Go to Saint Francis, go to Bugolobi, go to Kamwokya there and see what is at Bukoto go and find out what is down there at Luzira prisons don’t stick here go out further. When you are done with Kampala. Go to Luweero, go to Masaka go to Jinja, find out what the people in Sebei are going through. Find out what’s happening in Muhabura, got to Bundibugyo over there go to my old home in Nebbi, try and go to Ajumani if you can, try and go to Kitgum if you may and if the Lord says GO!, you say ‘yes Sir I’m ready to go because you are the Commander in Chief and to you be the glory and I’m willing to do that.


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